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About Trails

Trails (also referred to as "the app") is a mobile application created by Trails App Services UG (haftungsbeschränkt) ("us" or "we"), who also operates the supporting web service ("" or "our server").

By using and accessing the app, you agree to the terms of this policy.

Data collection

Trails can collect and store the following data:

Your data will never be commercialized, monetized or otherwise exploited. In particular, that means we will never use your data for purposes of advertising, nor will we, for example, sell your data to insurance or other firms.

Data storage

Trails stores all data locally on your device.

If you are logged in to iCloud and have enabled its backup option, your Trails data will be backed up to your iCloud account.

The app has a built-in web server which you can enable via Settings > Server. This enables you to view your recorded tracks on a Mac or PC, without sharing them on the internet; this server makes your Trails information available via the local Wi-Fi network. Therefore you should only enable this feature while connected to a Wi-Fi network you trust (e.g. at home).

Integration with Apple Health app

You may opt to integrate Trails with your personal Apple Health app database. If you grant Trails access to this database, Trails will save the total distance (cycling or walking) and the step count (if available) after each recording to Apple's Health app database.

If you allow Trails to read your heart rate information from your personal Apple Health app database, Trails can save heart rate information along with your track recordings.

Trails cannot read from or write to your Apple Health app database unless you give it explicit permission to do so.

Trails is in no way responsible for the protection of data stored in Apple's Health app database. You and Apple are solely responsible for such information in said database. Please review Apple's applicable policies before granting Trails access to your personal Apple Health app database.

Data export

Trails will never automatically upload your personal data (see Data collection) to the internet (apart from via iCloud backup).

Trails does enable you to share the above-mentioned recorded track data with others as a GPX or GeoJSON file. Such files will contain the above-mentioned data, but no personal information, such as your name or email address, will be included.

The app provides several ways in which you can share this data with others:

Share via email

You can send the recorded track data via email as a GPX file attachment.

You can share individual tracks via Twitter, Facebook or similar services available on your device. Trails will upload the chosen track to such that others will be able to view it. A URL (web address) will be generated on where the track will be visible, along with the possibility to download the track as GPX or GeoJSON file.

Trails also allows you to include photos of waypoints associated with a track when sharing a link via Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can enable or disable this option with every export. If you enable this option all photos associated with waypoints of the given track will be uploaded to

If you register a account, the tracks uploaded to our server will be tied to this account. Your account details will not be made visible to others, meaning that third parties will not be able to associate uploaded tracks to you personally — unless of course you publish a link to your track on Twitter or Facebook etc. in your name. Associating your tracks with your account allows us, at your request via, to delete all of your data from our server.

If you do not have a account, an anonymous user account will be created and stored on your device. The tracks uploaded to our server will be tied to this account.

Export to GPSies, OpenStreetMap, and EveryTrail

Trails provides the possibility to upload individual tracks to various online GPX route-sharing services. We currently support logging in to and uploading to, and Data uploaded will be linked to your user account on the corresponding service and marked as private, i.e. visible only via your account.

iCloud Drive

You can upload individual tracks to iCloud Drive. In this case, your track will be stored as a GPX file in Apple's iCloud.

Other iOS apps

Third-party apps on your device may provide extensions, allowing you to export individual tracks from Trails as GPX files to other services, such as Dropbox. This requires explicit interaction on your part, and will never be automatically initiated by Trails. You can choose to include the photos associated with the waypoints of the track when exporting to other iOS apps.

Basic usage statistics

We would like your help to improve the quality and performance of Trails. The app can automatically collect diagnostic and usage information and send it to us for analysis.

You can choose to turn off diagnostics altogether. To do so, open Trails' settings, choose Privacy, and disable the Share basic usage data option. If the setting is disabled, no information is collected or sent.

If you limit ad tracking in the system settings (Privacy > Advertising), Trails' Share basic usage data setting will be disabled by default.

Diagnostic and usage information may include details about hardware and operating system specifications, performance statistics, and data about how the app is used. Only general information is collected, such as which screens are viewed, and the duration of recordings. Your recordings, locations, and other personal information are never sent as part of the diagnostics. None of the collected information identifies you personally.

We use third party services to aggregate, analyze, and better understand the data (such as Google Analytics).

This website uses cookies and Google Analytics to improve the website and better understand usage patterns.

Privacy policy updates

We reserve the right to update or modify this privacy policy. This might become necessary e.g. when we make changes to our services. Please review this policy periodically, especially before providing personal information to Trails.

The privacy policy was last changed at the date indicated at the end of this page. Any changes made to this policy will become effective when we publish the revised policy here. Your continued use of our app shall indicate your acceptance of such revisions.

Contact us

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Last updated: 23th March 2016