You can easily share your recorded and imported tracks with others. Generally speaking, Trails supports three kinds of exports: GPX files, weblinks to our online track viewer on, or directly to one of the supported external web services.

To export a track, tap its row in the main list and then tap the arrow up icon in the top right corner. You can then choose among a variety of export options.

Export by email

Select whether you want to send a GPX file or weblink, and tap the upload/export button respectively. Weblinks are an convenient option to allow your friends to view the track on a map along with elevation and speed graphs without having to have any special software or knowledge about GPX files.

Export to social networks

You can export, store, and share tracks using a variety of apps installed on your device. If you choose to share a weblink, your track will be uploaded to the server and a link to the web viewer will be generated.

This allows your friends and followers to view your outdoor adventures even if they do not have Trails installed.

The link will not be made public, except to those people with whom you share it.

Export to iCloud Drive, Dropbox & others

To export tracks as GPX to iCloud Drive, Dropbox or others, first tap the GPX file option, and choose Save file

Trails currently does not support exporting multiple files to the Files app at once. If you decide to include your waypoint photos when exporting a GPX file, you can choose Share as ZIP archive, and Trails will package the GPX file and all the track's images into one file which you can then export.

Export to web services

You can directly upload tracks to supported web services. Simply add your login credentials to the Accounts settings.

At the moment Trails supports the following web services: