Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions:

Which devices does Trails support?

Trails has been designed to take advantage of the latest features of iOS 11 and can be used on the following devices with iOS 9 or newer:

  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6 (Plus)
  • iPhone 6s (Plus)
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 7 (Plus)
  • iPhone 8 (Plus)
  • iPhone X

Any Apple Watch running watchOS 3 or later allows you to follow and control your recordings on your wrist when Trails is running on your connected phone.

  • Apple Watch (Original)
  • Apple Watch Series 1

Apple Watch models with GPS also support standalone recordings without a connected phone.

  • Apple Watch Series 2
  • Apple Watch Series 3 (with and without LTE)

As iPod Touch does not have a GPS built in, unfortunately Trails cannot be used to record tracks, unless you pair it with an external GPS device that works with iOS over Bluetooth.

Is there an iPad version of Trails?

Trails is currently available for iPhone only.

You can use Wi-Fi sharing (Trails > Settings > Wi-Fi Sharing) to view your tracks on any device with a modern web browser that is connected to the same local network (typically Wi-Fi) as your iPhone. Your recordings are not uploaded to the internet when you use this feature.

Can I use my active Trails Pro subscription on more than one iOS device?

Yes, Trails Pro can be used on multiple devices.

If the devices are enabled for iCloud and use the same iCloud account, your Trails Pro subscription will be synced automatically.

If you are not using iCloud, or use different accounts, simply log in to or register a account with the app on the device where Trails Pro is active. Then log in on the device to which you would like to sync your subscription.

What happens when my Trails Pro subscription expires?

You will receive a notification from Trails on your iPhone when your Trails Pro subscription expires.

All of your recorded tracks will remain available for viewing and export, even if you have more than five tracks.

If you want to record a new track, you must make sure you have fewer than five tracks stored in the app, or renew Trails Pro.

Trails Pro never renews automatically. To extend or renew your Trails Pro status, simply buy a new package, as you did initially. If your current Trails Pro status has not yet expired, the newly purchased package will be added to your remaining Pro status.

Which heart rate monitors can I use with Trails?

Trails supports a wide variety of standard Bluetooth Low Energy heart rate monitors.
We have good experience with devices from Polar, for example:

Which bike computers can I connect to Trails?

Trails supports the standard Bluetooth Low Energy interface for bike computers to measure the cadence (pedal rate) and speed at which you're cycling.
We have good experience with the following devices:

How can I delete a track from Trails?

Unwanted tracks can be removed by swiping from right to left across the track in the list. A Delete button will appear, allowing you to permanently remove the track from Trails.

Waypoints can be deleted from the waypoints list in the same way.

What do the colored rings of a track indicate?

Two rings are displayed for each track in the list. They denote the relative distance (orange) and duration (red) among all recordings of the same activity type. For instance, your longest hike's ring(s) will be closed entirely, while a hike of half the distance (or duration, respectively) will display a semicircle.