Trails shows you a map during the recording and later in the log book. You can choose between several map styles. Topographic maps are based on OpenStreetMap and can be used offline.

Map styles

The map style can be changed in the settings and is used throughout the app. Open the settings and then tap Map styles to choose among several styles. The Apple Maps styles are ideal for motorized activities such as motorcycle tours and road trips. However, these styles cannot be used offline.

Trails Vector Maps are part of Trails Pro, are based on data from, and show configurable features, such as hiking trails and contour lines, in addition to the road network.

Offline maps

Trails Pro users can download Trails Vector Maps for offline usage.

Downloading new offline maps

Open settings and tap Offline maps. An orange rectangle displays the downloadable area – zoom and pan the map to mark the area you intend to download or tap the search icon in the top-right corner to use your current location, or type in any other place name and press Search on the keyboard. Once you've selected your preferred area, tap "Start". Please leave the app open while maps are downloading.

Maps can be quite large in file size, which is a strain on your device and our servers. To keep data volumes manageable, downloadable maps areas are constrained in size, but you can download as many areas as you like.

Deleting offline maps

Previously loaded offline maps are indicated by a light rectangle. Tap a rectangle to view the area's name and for an option to delete it.