You can access the settings before or during a recording:

Bluetooth devices

You can record additional data from Bluetooth devices along with your GPS track. At the moment, Trails supports heart rate sensors, and cadence & speed sensors (for bicycles). We recommend the following devices:

  • Polar H6 Heart Rate Sensor
  • Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor
  • Topeak PanoBike Bluetooth Cadence & Speed Sensor

Trails also works with many other devices that support the standard interfaces via Bluetooth Low Energy.

To connect a device with Trails, open Bluetooth devices in Trails' settings. Ensure that the device is discoverable and ready to be paired via Bluetooth. The device should automatically appear in the list. Some devices, heart rate straps in particular, switch off automatically when they are not worn to save battery. Please wear/mount your Bluetooth device before attempting to pair it.

Tap the device to connect it with Trails. After a few seconds the connection should be established and a checkmark will appear on the right side. Additionally, the device's first data point will be displayed.

Data from all connected devices are automatically recorded along with your GPS track. Associated statistics are available live and in the history of your track.


While recording, Trails Pro users can receive audible alerts for certain events. Several alert triggers are supported: You can be alerted at regular intervals (e.g., distance- or time-based), and whenever a statistic drops below or exceeds a configurable threshold (e.g., heart rate or pace). You can enable and disable alert sets under Settings > Alerts. On the same screen, you can choose a voice to announce your alerts.

Alert sets group multiple alert rules and allow you to create named workout plans or different sets of rules for different kinds of activities. You can only activate one alert set at a time.

To create a new alert set, tap the + button in the upper right corner. To manipulate existing alert sets, tap the i button in the list. You can delete sets (or single rules) by swiping across the respective row from right to left. Alert sets can be activated by tapping them.

Each alert rule can be configured in a variety of ways:

  • The value can be configured in your preferred unit for the selected statistic (as per Settings > Units). Trails enforces a minimum value to ensure the alerts don't get in your way.

  • You can choose whether the current value of the alert's statistic should be announced, a summary is read out to you, or one of the given sounds should play. Aside from the current value, the summary includes the total duration and distance, and all your top statistics that are permanently shown at the top of the screen when recording, unless they don't currently show a valid value. All alerts can be previewed. If you are not within a recording, demo values will be announced.

  • Optionally, you can specify an additional message that will be announced every time the alert fires.

Alerts are played at your device's current music volume (not the ringer volume). You can adjust the music volume with the hardware buttons when music (or an alert) is playing, or via the system control center's (the one you pull up from the bottom of the screen) second page. You can switch your phone to silent and still hear the alerts. Alerts will play through your primary output device, i.e., if you plug in or connect headphones, alerts will play through your headphones. Alerts are currently not supported on Apple Watch.


Web Accounts

Trails integrates with various web services, allowing you to easily upload and share your recorded tracks. You can configure your logins under Settings > Accounts. All login credentials are securely stored in your iPhone's keychain.

At the moment Trails supports the following services:

Trails Pro

You can view your current pro status under Trails Pro in Settings. You can see how long your pro status is valid for or buy a new package. To extend or renew your Trails Pro status, simply buy a new package, as you did initially. If your current Trails Pro status has not yet expired, the newly purchased package will be added to your remaining Pro status.

Trails Pro is currently available for 3, 6, or 12 months. Trails Pro is a non-recurring subscription: There are no automatic renewals, hidden costs, or cancellation periods. We will kindly remind you before your subscription expires and ask if you want to extend it. Even if you choose not to extend it, you will continue to be able to access all your recordings, export them, and share them with friends.

Trails Pro unlocks all features of Trails:

All other Trails features work without Trails Pro.