Trails provides offline topographic maps and helps you make the most of your next outdoor adventure, even without an active internet connection. It records your GPS track along with various statistics including altitude, ascent/descent, speed, pace, and duration.

Zoomable graphs for key statistics along with heat maps provide deep insights and complete the logbook of your outdoor journeys.

Trails does not require logins of any kind, nor does it require you to upload your personal data to any server.

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Record GPS tracks

While recording your tracks, Trails displays live sparklines for altitude, speed, pace, and much more. You can pick and choose which of these statistics are shown at any time.

Trails will keep on recording your location even if you switch to another app, and continues to record if you happen to lose internet connectivity.

Mark waypoints and photos along your trails to complement your logbook. Waypoints are also ideal for hunting the next geocache!

If available, Trails uses the sensors on your device to measure your step count and the air pressure. You can connect with external Bluetooth devices to capture your heart rate, your bike's speed, and cycling cadence.

All of which is automatically geotagged as you go.

Offline topographic maps

Trails provides offline topographic maps called Trails Vector Maps as part of Trails Pro (available as in-app purchase). These maps are based on data from, and show configurable features, such as hiking trails and contour lines, in addition to the road network.

Street, hybrid, and satellite map styles from Apple Maps are available, which require an active data connection.

Detailed statistics

Trails displays detailed statistics including altitude, speed, distance, duration, and heart rate using zoomable and scrollable graphs.

You can view recordings on a time- or distance-based scale and compare two statistics at a time to get an in-depth view of your track.

Heat maps display statistics as colored map overlays, with detailed information for each point along your track.

Watch App

See real-time statistics with Trails on your Apple Watch while recording a track. You can easily select the displayed statistics on your iPhone. The Trails Watch app also lets you start and stop recordings, mark waypoints, and record your heart rate.

All GPS-equipped Apple Watch models support standalone recordings so you can leave your phone at home while recording. The watch-recorded tracks will sync to your phone once both devices are connected again.

Import / Export

You can import tracks directly from GPX files via AirDrop, iCloud Drive, Safari, email and other apps, or from supported web services. Exporting your own tracks is just as simple. All import features are included with Trails Pro.

We currently support these third-party web services:

Off-road routing

With Trails Pro you can use any imported or recorded track as a guiding route during your next recording. Took a shortcut or need to deviate from the route? No problem, simply mark checkpoints as passed and continue on your way.
You can also use a list of waypoints for routing.

Feature-rich app

Trails is a tool for amateurs and aspiring professionals alike, with a rich set of features geared towards outdoor activities, including:

  • Apple Health integration: Trails writes summaries for all eligible activity types into Health and if you have an Apple Watch, Trails can record your heart rate and active energy via the Health app.
  • Powerful track editing features to split, trim, and delete recorded segments
  • Start & stop recordings from the widget on the home and lock screen, or monitor your live statistics in the widget while recording
  • Ask Siri to start a new recording or end your current one
  • Use the system-wide search ("Spotlight") to find tracks and waypoints, or search for an activity type to start a recording of that type
  • Audible alerts can notify you, e.g., when hitting your target speed, dropping below a certain heart rate, or at defined time intervals
  • Turn on Trails Wi-Fi sharing and view your tracks on your computer — without having to create an account or upload your personal information to the cloud
  • Trails is available in German (and Colognian), English, French, and Spanish, supports dynamic type and other accessibility technologies, and is optimized for the latest versions of iOS, watchOS, and the latest iPhone and Apple Watch models.

Trails Pro is available as a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription via in-app purchase.
The subscription is non-recurring: it will end automatically after 3, 6, or 12 months respectively. No automatic re-billing, no hidden fees.